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Organizing exhibitions and conferences of local, regional and international to the requirements of the planning and preparation and implementation of exhibitions and conferences, which includes the following steps: Preparation of preliminary studies and the development of marketing plans and sales.

Design and production of marketing tools, sales (direct sales – Marketing and Public Relations). Coordination with others committees or width fair and conference in the planning Stage until the ending with implementation.

Advertising campaign planning, marketing and launched according to plan.


Somow Organizer has a long history and accumulated expertise in the production of business directories and specialized magazines, and works specifically for this purpose, technical staff and creative and marketing specialist, to collect all the information and classification as well as marketing, sales and implementation of the final form, print, and we have exported our several guides in collaboration with some agencies such as the «Chamber Of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh and the Saudi Umran Society and the Ministry of Higher Education, Saudi Arabia and the Corps of Engineers is still pending and this day is a reissue of that evidence to the growing demand.

Design, implementation and production of various publications – Sales Tools and Marketing and Promotion. Equipped conference rooms (Booths) and exhibition with the necessary (Audio and lighting).


Cooperation and coordination with exhibitors to implement their Booths by supply and provide technical support to output Booths sophisticated level. Provide logistical support to exhibitors in cooperation with various bodies such as housing and hospitality – transport, air freight and land transport – Travel and mobility and visit the archaeological sites for foreigners). Planning, cooperation and coordination with the camera crews and Media Documentation of the event. Preparation of media files for the participants to the documentation and archiving.



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