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In this world – First Organizer represents a unique harmony between the combination of artistic and intellectual creativity and the use of technology and techniques of contemporary keep pace with the continued development of the industry high-end, which are also competitive and require excellence and creativity to client service – has crowned this the concept of deep integration and objective, and mad it the cornerstone from which we started to provide quality service and care for high- to our clients and accumulated experience to achieve the concept.


10-13 April
27-30 March
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    House Gallery

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    Mission: Is a unique international exhibition in its potential and ideas keep pace with all that is new and modern technologies used in all urban areas through the exhibition to support and create all the ways to the success of consumer service through the presentation of the most prominent and recent developments
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    Vision: Professionalism at work and respect for the customer and benefit from the experiences and uniqueness in offering to suit the cultures of our society and the goals and aspirations of the citizen.
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    Arab Robe 2019 Eastern
    The last fashion lines and all women needs
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    Showing the latest news in Cosmetics companies in the gulf and the World advert for companies manufactured and distributed in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf showing the talents of arts in KSA and Arabian gulf
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    Advert to all the new products that will be important for women to know about it.

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